How to Write Perfect Persuasive Essays in 5 Simple Steps

Writing the Persuasive Essay What is a persuasive/argument essay? It attempts to persuade a reader to adopt a certain point of view or to take a particular action. The argument must always use sound reasoning and solid evidence by stating facts, giving logical reasons, using examples, and quoting experts. When planning a persuasive essay, follow these steps 1. Which side of the issue or problem are you going to write about, and what solution will you offer?

how to make a persuasive essay

A call for action, a recommendation, or just an open question might provide them with a hint. Reading persuasive essay examples will help you write your own. The essay that you can read below has the elements that are necessary to make essay topic examples persuasive writing effective. As you read, pay attention to vocabulary, transition words, and tools the author uses to persuade the reader. Also see the comments from our editor – it will help you read the example more critically.

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Your topic must call for an opinion, and not be a simple fact. By researching and writing your own opinion, you can learn how to better formulate not only an argument but the actual positions you decide to hold. «Write an essay that persuades the reader of your opinion on a topic of your choice.»

  1. To do this, you’ll want to craft a persuasive conclusion that ties together all the points you have made in the essay.
  2. Whilst this would be a complete nightmare for most students’ social lives, maybe it might make schools more productive places for students to focus and learn.
  3. As important as it is to thoroughly research your topic, identifying and studying both sides of the argument will help you develop the strongest supporting evidence possible.
  4. The emboldened text represents the thesis or central argument in my essay.
  5. Encourage students to experiment with different endings, for example, concluding the essay with a quotation that amplifies the thesis statement.
  6. Your hook can be a question or a quotation, a fact or an anecdote, a definition or a humorous sketch.
  7. Such a smart animal should be able to have a safe home to live and play in peace.

An important point in influencing with argumentation is the correct arrangement of theses. The most effective strategy is when strong arguments are placed at the beginning and end of the statement, and in the middle weaker theses can be inserted. It may happen that your current knowledge about the issue is insufficient, and in order to take a strong position you need to use libraries and the internet. You need essay help to be well informed about the issue, so read legitimate sources recommended by your tutor. Take notes of the most interesting points and don’t forget to mark sources where you have found it. Maggie also took a critical look at her paper and looked back at her writing process. One technique she found helpful was to read her paper aloud because it let her know where her wording and organization were not clear.

Write an Opinion Statement

Learning how to write a persuasive essay in school is one of the first steps toward mastering the art of persuasion. And this type of formal writing assignment isn’t just about the grade you’ll receive this year. Doing so will prepare you for plenty of opportunities in the future, many of which you can’t even imagine yet. Here are some examples of persuasive essays that can help you get the gist of essay writing. Once you have your persuasive essay topic, it’s time to craft an essay structure. Crafting the perfect persuasive essay format is essential for ensuring your paper has maximum persuasive power. The final element of persuasion is logos, which appeals to logic.

You can communicate with them to find out their stance on the issue. Moreover, you will also be able to develop an argument that can function in the real world. You should also choose something that interests you, as this will make it easier for you to write about the topic. Remember to narrow down the scope of your persuasive essay so it’s not too broad or overwhelming. Logos refers to logic-based arguments or appeals to reason. It involves presenting facts, evidence, and data in order to make a logical argument.

A convincing conclusion

It’s not enough to state your opinion with rhetorical flair. You’ve got to back yourself up with good evidence and research. Are you writing for middle-aged conservatives or for a cross-section of leftist Gen-Z undergrads?

When you’re satisfied with the content and structure of the essay, take it through the editing process. Repeat that process as many times as you need to make your work the best it can be. Be mindful as you lean into elements of the triangle. Too much pathos and your audience might end up feeling manipulated, roll their eyes and move on. That evidence may take the form of studies or expert input or reasonable examples or a combination of all of those things, depending on the specific requirements of your assignment.

Body Paragraphs

It is better to understand your audience before starting writing, as every reader has its own needs, wants, and beliefs. Similarly, some topics may be sensitive to a specific group. Therefore, to convey your viewpoint effectively, it is better to determine them beforehand. The persuasive essay is not the easiest type of writing, but the skills that you will obtain during this work will help you throughout life. Keep in mind that your writing should be challenging for readers, as ruining conventional wisdom will focus the reader on your point. You will probably be given an assignment with certain specifications that you will need to consider while writing. The success of your essay will depend on how properly you have understood the assignment.

how to make a persuasive essay

Even the best argument may not sound convincing enough if your readers have no reason to believe you. It’s quite introduce quote another matter if you can find evidence that some important person or expert supports your point of view.

Sample Persuasive Essays

However, depending on what your claim does, a careful writer may dedicate the beginning to defining key terms. A persuasive essay is important to convince readers that they should believe in an idea or opinion. It’s a form of non-fiction writing where the writer makes use of carefully chosen words and phrases while creating logical arguments for their audience.

Make sure the ideas are logically ordered and connected to each other. Students, teachers, diplomats, politicians, poets, managers, and many other professions use persuasive writing. In school you have already written persuasive essays, but at college level this kind of writing becomes more complex.

How Can I Improve My Persuasion Skills?

The right persuasive essay topics can make or break your essay. Here are a few examples of persuasive essay topics that can help you. Begin your essay conclusion by restating the thesis statement you began within your introduction. Doing so will remind readers of what you set out to prove and provide a sense of closure. By including counterarguments, persuasive essays become more interesting. They also force the writer to think critically about their position. As with any essay introduction, this paragraph is where you grab your audience’s attention, provide context for the topic of discussion, and present your thesis statement.

The persuasive essay conclusion is your last opportunity to win over the reader. Add something memorable or dramatic, so the reader will be how many words is a 5 paragraph essay totally confident in the rightness of your point. Before writing the last sentence, reread the text and come up with a powerful ending.


But several heads are better than one, and your friends may mention some details you haven’t paid enough attention to. Get rid of any distractors, switch off the notifications on your smartphone, and try to concentrate on writing the persuasive essay. It would be a great idea to divide the task to kill a mockingbird theme essays into several milestones with personal deadlines. Then you’ll see that you can complete them in real terms. This understanding is a powerful weapon against procrastination. It is a basic structure that may be added with different subsections if you feel you need them to be more persuasive.

Organizing is important for understanding why an argument essay needs a detailed plan, before the drafting stage. All you have to do is to provide the essay’s specifications. We guarantee to assign a subject specialist from ourprofessional writersto work on your paper. Similarly, we will also provide you a persuasive essay example to get a better idea.

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